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Urban Healers

Introduction to Tarot Reading

Minor Arcana

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Introduction to Tarot Reading

Time & Location

01 Dec 2019, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Urban Healers, 10 Jarocin Ave, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

About the Event

TAROT READING WORKSHOP (40 Minor Arcana cards) 

Programme: 9-10.30 am. First, we will introduce ourselves. Next, will follow a mysterious life story of an emotional person (the suit of cups) and ...story of an adventurer (the suit of wands) 

10.30am - 11 am. Morning Tea. Homemade lemonade, tea, coffee and organic nuts, biscuits. 

11am -12.30pm. A life story of a down to earth person (the suit of pentacles) and story of a clear minded person (the suit of swords). 

12.30 - 2pm. Lunch. Choice of 3 soups (vegan, vegetarian and fish) with sourdough bread. There will be time for socialising or individual meditation in the courtyard. 

2-3.30pm. Practise, practise, practise…….. 

3.30-4pm. Coffee, home made tea (cinnamon and orange, thyme, and mint) and cookies. Contact exchange and conclusions. 

On Sunday there is plenty of unlimited parking around. 

I spend 8 years of my life in Taiwan. Everyday, taking a lift down, I pushed a bottom button “ground floor”. Next to the button, there was a Chinese character, meaning “the ground floor”. One day somebody made a joke of me, asking if I could draw this character. I couldn’t. So, how, on average, Chinese people can memorise 4000 characters? The answer is, that they see a meaning in each “drawing”, one character evolves from another and there is a story and logic laying behind them. 

To be a good tarot reader you have to understand the stories the Tarot cards are telling us, the stories of life and human nature. A bit knowledge in numerology is useful as well and understanding archetypes…but we know them by our innate wisdom… it is imprinted in us…we just have to find the way to know them… 

Nearly for every human action we have a spiritual version of it. For stretching we have yoga, for fighting - martial art, for drumming - taiko drumming, for massage - shiatsu massage, for sex - tantric sex and so on…..the same is with Tarot reading, to perform consciously spiritual part of it we must to do it at least mindfully and be fully in in touch with integrity, impartiality etc….then it can happen that we will channel our readings… 

Most people, who are looking for a tarot reader, are going through trauma, heartbreak, grief or other sad circumstances. Sometimes people appear at my place for confirmation of a previous happy reading. It seems sometimes, that they had been taken an advantage of…so easy to do it, because of their temporary state of vulnerability and powerlessness. There is many on line businesses based on NLP (neurolinguistic programming), which use well design templates, promising great outcome and suggesting the next expensive steps…but…taking an advantage of someone’s misery doesn’t create a good karma….reading Tarot should be a spiritual not a business issue… 

Tarot is not about good news only, tarot is about providing great comfort and the best advice to any situation. We all, sometimes, need consolation and solace…. 

There are my two favourite quotations from the dr. Michael Ryce: “True spiritual teachers, the priesthood, use the Spiritual teachings to liberate people from their pain and the habits which produce pain and suffering”. 

“False teachers, the priestcraft, use the Spiritual teachings deviously. Under the guise of promise to save or liberate people from present or future pain and suffering, they use the threat and fear tactics to draw people deeper into their trauma”.