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Six Reiki Precepts:

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

1) Just for today...

…just a small fragment of time…one day…the Buddhist concept of small change…

Interestingly, Leibniz (who simultaneously discovered Calculus with Newton) developed the concept of dx (symbol used to represent infinitely small increments of x), after finding out about the infinite small change in Buddhist philosophy from the Jesuit missionaries returning from China.

Anyhow, reiki’s precepts are just for today…and tomorrow, when it becomes today…

2) Change anger into peace.

…just for today…don’t be angry…just for today…feel beautiful peace overwhelming you…

3) Change worry into clarity

…don’t worry today…or if you have to, just make an appointment with your worry…between 5.30 and 5.45pm?… but not a minute longer

4) A statement of honesty

…the hard one…acknowledge all things from the past you fail to be super honest about…promise wholeheartedly to fix all that was not perfect and promise yourself to live in tune with your higher self….

5) A statement of honour (respect)

…express respect for your family, teachers, friends and ...your enemy

…difficult as well…but possible…take your biggest enemy and write a scenario of an incredibly unhappy life for him/her…looking from this perspective, your hate might now fade and slowly disappear, you may be able to give him/her respect and compassion.

6) Attitude of gratitude

…just find three things you are grateful for…from today, last year and all of life…something different everyday…

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