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Urban Healers recently hosted an event called “Introduction to Tarot Reading: Minor Arcana.” We discussed how we can search for meaning by mixing numerology with the four elements. This meant talking about 40 cards with 40 meanings. We started with Numerology.

It’s well-known that ancient civilisations developed numbers. Tribal people usually had a word for one, two, and sometimes three, but then shifted to a word that simply meant “many.” For that reason, I always doubted the authenticity of the Australian movie “Ten Canoes,” a story about Aborigines, the indigenous people of Australia. I guess the title summarizes how authentic it actually was.

Pythagoras did an enormous amount of work in numerology. As we know, in his times, astronomy and astrology were considered the same subject. The same goes for algebra and numerology.

Pythagoras believed that numbers have personality, energy, and meaning. While he was alive, the nine digits of 1 to 9 were being used.

I believe that numbers have energy. I have seen an interesting interview with a savant, who could multiply in his head three digital numbers by three digital numbers. His explanation for it was that he can read the energy (frequency and colour) of the first and second number, and by combining their energy he receives a new energy that he reads as a product of the two numbers. There was no way for him to cheat, since the results were checked with calculators.

So here you are, the numbers have energy and the infinite digits, like for example π have stories…. we would probably know much more about it if we could be more patient and/or clever enough to communicate better with savants, shamans, misfits, and so on… Unfortunately, for “normal’ humans it proves too difficult to leave our comfort zone of “friends” with IQs in the same range as ours (give or take 10 points), with a financial income in a similar range, and so on.

In ancient times, seven heavenly objects were known (the Sun, Moon, and five planets). Numbers was assigned to them. There were nine numbers and seven objects, so the sun and moon were assigned two numbers each. The personalities of each number were influenced by the personality of each planet, and vice versa.

Numbers also have gender. Odd numbers are male and even numbers have been assigned female, except for three (female) and four (male).

Meanwhile, lower numbers represent younger souls, and the higher numbers indicate older souls.

Teaching numerology at my “Introduction to Tarot Reading” workshops, I have to sincerely apologise to male participants and assure them that personally I am not a sexist. It’s simply a fact that in numerology, most virtues are assigned to female numbers and nearly all vices to male.

More on this topic will be uploaded later…

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