• Katarzyna

Self-Reiki Procedure

The 6 Reiki Precepts

1. Just for today

2. Turn anger into peace

3. Turn worries into clarity

4. A statement of honesty

5. A statement of honour (respect)

6. An attitude of gratitude

The hand position for self-treatment

1. The eyes (think of a bright light inside you)

2. The top of the head (repeat Reiki Precepts silently to yourself)

3. The jaws and face (feel the temperature outside)

4. The back of the head (release any tension in your neck)

5. The ears (concentrate on outside noises)

6. The throat (have courage to speak out about what you want to say)

7. The heart and solar plexus (tune into the language of your heart)

8. The lower abdomen (concentrate on deep breathing)

9. The knees

10. The ankles and feet

The finishing-off technique for self-treatment

1. Squeeze each of your toes

2. Squeeze the rest of your foot firmly including ankle

3. Squeeze up the leg three times

4. Repeat with the other leg

5. Repeat with your hands and arms

6. Tap the tips of your fingers all over your skull in galloping motion

7.Put your hands

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