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TAROT: how it works for non believers.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Tarot decks consist of 78 cards representing archetypes. There are pictures on most of the cards. The same picture can trigger memories, feelings and emotions totally different for each person, therefore one should participate actively in the reading.

The archetypes illustrated on cards cover all possible human characters and the variety of situations which we can experience in life.

I started to study Tarot seriously, when I enrolled in the Jungian Course in Archetypes at CCE of Sydney University. Then I bought my first, the most popular among numbers of tarot decks, the Rider-Waite. Now I am collecting the most unusual editions. Learning tarot is a life long adventure.

Part 1.Tarot for non-believers

Sometimes we are in the vicious circuit, we are repeating the same behavioural patterns, the same mistakes over and over again. The spread of tarot cards will give you the possibility to look at your life from different perspectives, to see different motives and intentions of the people who are important to you. Tarot reading could be a wonderful speculation of what is possible or not in your life. The reflection on it and acceptance of possibilities presented is left to both of your minds: conscious and subconscious.

Tarot is about you. It forces you to focus on yourself, instead of Netflix or public characters (which usually give us wonderful comfort to judge others and avoid reflection on ourselves), It presents pure, basic, innate possibilities which didn’t occur to you before, because they were jammed by an excess of news, conditioned upbringing, schools and hundreds of rules imposed by society. The tarot can force you to examine your previous beliefs and suggest that maybe it is time to unlearn some useless clutter. It can allow you to rule yourself by yourself again. It can make you truly understand the idea by Leonardo da Vinci (later adopted by Steve Jobs): “ the simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

When I meet an unbeliever I usually say two things:

An old anecdote about Niels Bohr, a famous physicist of Einstein’s era

After Bohr received a Nobel Prize, a journalist came to his house for an interview. He noticed a horseshoe hanging on the wall, He was really surprised and said:

-Mr Bohr….but…you don’t believe…in such things…..

Bohr answered.

-Of course I don’t believe…but…it works even if you don’t believe…..

Statistically there is 1-3% of people who are colour blind. If 99-97% people are colour blind, the remaining 1-3% probably wouldn’t talk about colours openly, because they would be afraid to be considered as crazy. Statistically there is 1-3% of people with psychic ability. Most of them have INFJ personality type. (Check if you are eligible for being a psychic by doing free, on line Myer-Briggs personality test.)

Oops…it was longer than I thought…Part 2 and 3 on tarot for sceptics and believers, will be published in 3 days.

Photos present two “most wanted” by my clients cards: 2 of Cups - representing deep, mutual, romantic love and Ace of Pentacles - representing beginning of a new successful, profitable job or business. The red flower is for passion and to attract money.

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