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TAROT: how it works for sceptics

I appreciate sceptics, agnostics, and believers in all shades of grey. They all share a sense of respect, which is so important in Eastern Philosophy, for moderation. They are also in tune with Western 3D logic. Everyone thinks they are right, and this leads to the statement: “non-believers are right and believers are right.” The statement denies logic and would obviously be marked by mathematicians as false. On the other hand, mathematicians would say the statement “atheists are right OR believers are right,” is true. On a higher level, this would seem to indicate that it is in fact the sceptics are right from the point of view of the rational mind. But does the subconscious mind work in the same way? I will write some theories on it in the next post. For today, just one quotation from my idol, Albert Einstein, to reflect on:

“The intuitive (subconscious) mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”

For sceptics, the Tarot could work as a warning or divination. Who knows? Maybe yes, maybe no.

We have Major and Minor Arcana cards in Tarot. It is believed that Major Arcana cards are cards of fate, destiny or karma, very difficult to influence, but the events predicted with Minor Arcana cards can be changed (or maintained) by our effort.

An example of warning: A long time ago, I read tarot for a young accountant. The card, which indicated what was happening for him recently, was the 2 of Pentacles. My first question to the young man was if he had been speculating on the stock market. The answer was yes, he said that it was his favourite pastime and an addiction. The card for his distant future was the 4 of Pentacles. It shows a richly dresses man sitting among glorious properties, holding a golden coin in each of his hands, having another one above his head and two under his feet. He is completely alone. I said to the young man that it would be his future if he doesn’t change. My advice for him was to focus on understanding a popular truth: “the best things in life are free” and the homework I gave him was to try to experiment on implementing the statement.

Half a year passed, after which I received a message. The young man thanked me eagerly. He said that I gave him the best advice ever, that he invested his money in secure, long-term shares, and that he had started to socialise more. He had met a wonderful woman whose hobby was to explore national parks. For some time now they have enjoyed doing this together and that many aspects of his life had been flourishing since she entered his life.

An example of divination: One of my good friends was looking for a boyfriend. For a long time, the cards had been not in her favour…until one day. The spread showed a plot of wonderful possibilities. It boosted my friend’s self-confidence and gave her a big encouragement to look around for opportunities. Three days after the reading, she had noticed that a friend of hers reported the end on his romantic relationship on social media. She sent a short comment: “So, now, we can flirt!”

In August, they will be celebrating their second happy wedding anniversary….

I am sure that both sceptics in both stories not excluded possibilities, so their influenced by that their subconscious minds could overtake their lives. Maybe yes, maybe no… Who knows, my 3D sceptical siblings…

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