Katarzyna is an empath, a solo practitioner, who decided to dedicate the last decade of her active life to her true calling, healing.


She is an experienced Reiki Master, practices shamanic healing and divination, removes trapped emotions, leads through past life regressions and is an experienced tarot reader.


At heart she is a mathematician, philosopher, writer and healer. But, by education and work experience she is a Master of Engineering Science.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique , which is designed to remove energy blocks and harmonise energy flow and balances chakras. It brings deep relaxation and bliss, a state in which clients are able to connect with their own subconscious. It could clarify one’s problems, and make it easier (with small guidance) to look for optimal solutions.


Tarot is a great tool to find the true triggers of  problems in life. For Katarzyna it is less a divinatory tool, but more an aid to see the blockages and recurrent wrong habits in ways which were not considered before. Katarzyna has four different Tarot decks, which she bought before studying Sydney Uni’s CCE Jungian Archetypes course. Some of the decks relate to everyday life, some address deep spiritual issues.


Past life regression is a wonderful tool to reach a deep understanding of confusion in recent life as well to rid of any anxiety. We reputedly know, that all anxiety we suffer from has roots in the fear of death. During past life regression, the client is lead calmly and peacefully through their own past deaths. This accustoms them with the experience of death and can reduce general anxiety magnificently.


Trapped emotion removal is something similar to kinesiology. Your body in its subconscious state will show you what and where the trapped emotions are. I was also show you when they were trapped. You will then be lead to release them.


Shamanic practice is based on the belief that healing and necessary information can be obtained through spiritual helpers from other dimensions. During drum awoken shamanic journeys Katarzyna, and the client, will travel to lower or upper worlds for helpful tips and solutions. Katarzyna’s technique is based on the Dr. Hanner’s Foundation of Shamanic Studies (CA) expertise, learned during FSS workshops and courses.

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Sabrina Boespflug,


I’m Sabrina, a 26 year old engineer from France. I have a rational mind and think that everything has a logical and rational explanation. First, I didn’t believe in spiritual things like reading tarot cards, etc. However, I would be dishonest if I said I’m not doubting my belief now in some aspects. I can’t deny that when Katarzyna read my tarot cards, she told the truth without knowing me or my past. I also had an experience about my past life and had a clear vision. I can’t explain this phenomenon and I don’t like that, but I can’t deny it happened. This leads me to doubt my prior beliefs and accept that some of this spirituality might be real and possible.

Sue Theron, Architect & Artist

I met Katarzyna through a culture group which I run, and Katarzyna encouraged me to try some Reiki and Tarot readings.  Initially a skeptic, I did find both methods helpful to get in touch with my own personal energy and growth journey. Katarzyna draws on her scientific background to infuse her new healing profession with a deeper understanding in a search for a personal meaning. She has a good way of investigating the holistic forces affecting body and mind and our place in the universe. With Katarzyna's help, I was able to tune into my own mind-body connection within larger forces.  


For example, at one particular Reiki session during a stressful period, Katarzyna helped me identify a real sense of blockage around my throat area.  During the Reiki process, I got a very clear sensation of ‘blue’ energy.  Using principles of chakras, Katarzyna identified the colour blue as being an 'of the throat chakra' dealing with communication and expression. This increased my body awareness and helped me address the blockage in that area.    


Before this I had been skeptic of the Tarot, however Katarzyna conducts these sessions in such a way that interpretations are constructive and it’s fun to try and interpret the personal meanings. She conducts a positive dialogue to investigate the deeper forces at work. I’ve found my Tarot sessions with Katarzyna to be a useful tool to loosen up my usual narratives and consider other possibilities.

Katarzyna is passionate about the healing arts and shows a real dedication to helping people share this journey. I know you will be warmly welcomed.

Roberta Kytzia

Reiki Master & Naturopath

Katarzyna has been an angel in my life. She has helped me through some difficult emotional times, sharing her loving wisdom, insight and amazing healing abilities with me. she helped me better understand my situation and the lessons I could learn from my life. She is one of the best healers I know. I am so grateful for her coming into my life and I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for healing and guidance.

Lucy Porter, HR Professional

I met Katarzyna through a meditation group we both attended. I found her to be interesting and she knew quite a lot about meditation and spirituality. I later discovered that she was a Reiki practitioner. I had tried Reiki once or twice before this but it had never really done much for me. As we connected so well, I thought I would give it another try. 


My experience with Katarzyna was a lot different from anything I have experienced in the past. Firstly, the space she practices in is homely and peaceful. Katarzyna explained what she was going to do. The first time I was a little nervous, but by the end of the session I felt extremely relaxed and it had a soothing effect. Time seems to go by so quickly while I am there. 


At the end of the session Katarzyna offers the most amazing tea which is a really nice touch and leads well into the tarot reading. I don’t always have the tarots read to me, but when I do they are spot on. Katarzyna has provided readings into my career and my love life. Almost everything she has said has eventuated. From new job to new man. 


I have known Katarzyna now for a few years and we have developed a friendship and I have also developed a love for Reiki. Katerina inspired me to go take Reiki 1 training and I plan on continuing my teachings further to level 2. I find Reiki particularly useful for stress management and an overall a feeling of being more centred. 


I recommend Katarzyna wholeheartedly. I trust her implicitly. She has a beautiful energy and high standards of practice.

Barbora Cervená Ph.D, Veterinary Doctor

Katarzyna is a true healer. Her amazing personality, incredibly pleasant energy and empathy make her clients feel like they are at the center of the Universe. Every reiki session was different, but always very pleasing and harmonising. The tarot reading made me realise many things in my life. Once, I had a pretty tough migraine and Katarzyna’s reiki soothed the pain nicely, to my surprise. 

J.L., Psychologist

Katarzyna is well-studied in natural healing, reiki, meditation, and Buddhism to name a few.  She practices in the parks and green space of Sydney as well as in her wonderful space at home.

With her reiki and chakra work she channels through the spirits of humans, animals and nature.  She can help you be more relaxed, more tolerant and cope with day to day stresses and challenges.  She has a positive and creative outlook on life.

Katarzyna is well-read and continues to learn about everything all the time. She is a wonderful conversationalist and a wonderful, kind person.




From 30 to 90 minutes depending on clients'  needs. The recommended booking time is 90 minutes. If 30 minutes is enough, then the other hour can be used for tarot reading or other techniques.




We use mixed techniques  and they are suggested according to client needs during the process (alfa go algorithm lol). Basic healing is done in 3 X 2-3 hour sessions, totaling 6 to 9 hours.



General Pricing

In general, a session can be designed according to client requirements. Standard pricing is as follows:

Price per hour is an equivalent of your hourly salary before tax, but not less than $50. The Price should be negotiated before an appointment. In cases where you cannot afford healing, another service (e.g. editing, anoher therapy or help) could be discussed in exchange


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    Learning Self Reiki technique.


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